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Hey Tumblr, this is my cat Guinness

Hey Tumblr, this is my cat Guinness


Hail honey and satan <3


Hail honey and satan <3


Just experienced one of the most disturbing dreams I’ve ever had. It was super The Shining-esque in that the main character/I had come to realize that all of the people that I was seeing in this place that I was staying at was dead. And there was an incredibly meta soundtrack over the whole…



Scurrilizzie, have you seen this?


beep beep


beep beep


i’ve seen people object to the petname “babe” because it’s in that vein of weird pet names that sorta belittle the person youre calling them but for me it’s not like i mean to compare someone to a baby. i mean to compare you to the best and bravest pig who ever lived. a true hero. if i had words to make a day for you, i’d sing you a morning golden and true



This is so important.

this is really disheartening 

This is from a documentary called “The Most Hated Family in America”. It’s fantastic and I recommend it highly to anyone interested in learning more about Westboro Baptist Church





this is one of the sweetest videos ive ever seen

this lizard’s name is peperonie this is the most amazing video on the internet


he really fuckign likes those yams omg

Hank Hill - Turn Down For Hwat
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. i don’t. i don’t know what i expected

Opinion on erotic art, whether "classy" or plain smut? I know that's a broad question, I'm just curious. I'm an aspiring artist and I strive to create wonderful illustrations and paintings, but then I also want to draw unrealistic hentai-esque pics. I see artists who blend the two to create gorgeous erotic paintings, but don't receive the same level of respect because of it. Should they be separate or can there be middle a ground? Will drawing porn affect a person's chances for a career in art?


What you’re asking seems so much like it’s an art question, right? Like it should be. It should be an actual art conversation when you’re using all these artsy words – but the truth is that we’re still at a point so far from discussing with any kind of legitimacy the abstract depiction of sex in a painting and its “classiness”, when the world-view of the act of sex itself is still so … wack. Sex is still widely seen as being simultaneously the worst and greatest thing in the world – lives revolve around it, public worth is lost because of it, double standards are laced through every action, and even the most accepted versions of “sex” are incredibly surface-level and binary. We live in a time that still gasps in offense if the majority of the world’s nipples aren’t covered and shames that same majority for enjoying something enjoyable – I know this may sound defeatist, and maybe that’s because I’ve never had a compulsion to add to this genre of art, but in my eyes we are simply just so far from even considering the merits of a painstakingly painted orgy as mainstream art. The acceptance of it will come as a result of bigger battles. There are rare exceptions that have found a market through abstracted styles (usually in fine art), but despite my massive disagreement with the systemic idolization and condemnation of sex that leads to this stigma, I think that the genre of erotic art will (largely) be relegated to “smut” for a long time to come.

What I don’t think: is that mainstream acceptance should determine what you want to make. Use a pseudonym if you’re legitimately worried about your career, but there’s always going to be someone on a higher horse in the art world, don’t let that stop you from creating what you want to.

Or in short: If you wanna draw people fucking, fucking draw people fucking.